Deadly virus is spreading across the globe. Will you survive?

New deadly strain of coronavirus is spreading across the entire planet. The world economy is in ruins and governments are collapsing. Join now to see if you can survive in this dystopian future.

This is an early access, it is unlikely but possible that game accounts might get deleted.

Premium features launched

Premium features were launched today with integration via Stripe! There are two subscriptions available for Premium Account upgrades, Survivor for $5/month and Immune for $15/month. The benefits of…

Migrated to a new server

On the night from yesterday to today we have moved to a new server under a new hosting provider. The migration seems to have been successful without any major issues and all player data should be…

1000 players!

We have reached over 1000 players! Big thanks to everyone playing! I hope you enjoy it, and sorry for the lack of updates recently, I've just been really busy at work. But hopefully there'll be…

June 2022 - Minor updates

It's been a while since the last update, I was busy with work and only now I finally had some time to do some work here.

Darknet has been updated, so that when a vendor runs out of money,…

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