Deadly virus is spreading across the globe. Will you survive?

New deadly strain of coronavirus is spreading across the entire planet. The world economy is in ruins and governments are collapsing. Join now to see if you can survive in this dystopian future.

This is an early access, it is unlikely but possible that game accounts might get deleted.

Darknet update is here!

Darknet update is here (although couple hours earlier)! To test the new mechanic, all player money has been capped at $500.000 and drug inventories and building storages have been emptied.

Big darknet update coming

You may have noticed that there hasn't been much updates lately. First reason is that I have been completely overwhelmed with work for the past couple of weeks. But the second reason is, I've been…

Account settings and upcoming updates

Date and time preferences have been added to account settings, where players will be able to set their timezone to display the correct times in-game. More account settings are planned in the near…

Future updates

Currently, I'm working on finishing the player assaults (better animations, add rewards/penalties, notifications, maybe some leaderboard just for assaults) and when that's done, I'll start working on…

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