1000 players!

We have reached over 1000 players! Big thanks to everyone playing! I hope you enjoy it, and sorry for the lack of updates recently, I've just been really busy at work. But hopefully there'll be…

June 2022 - Minor updates

It's been a while since the last update, I was busy with work and only now I finally had some time to do some work here.

Darknet has been updated, so that when a vendor runs out of money,…

Added AJAX

Sorry for the long silence, I was dealing with some stuff. But anyways, I added support for AJAX to the site. This means that the browser window won't be reloaded with every single action (click on a…

Darknet update is here!

Darknet update is here (although couple hours earlier)! To test the new mechanic, all player money has been capped at $500.000 and drug inventories and building storages have been emptied.

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