June 2022 - Minor updates

It's been a while since the last update, I was busy with work and only now I finally had some time to do some work here.

Darknet has been updated, so that when a vendor runs out of money, he will change his offer and his money will be replenished. I noticed that a lot of the time there were like 3-4 offers of the same thing and on all of them the vendor was without money to buy anything else, so they were kinda just sitting there useless, because as I found out, not many people are actually buying the drugs, they just sell what they produce from their buildings. This update should fix that and ensure proper rotation of offers. I just hope it doesn't lead to the same problems we had with the darknet before where players would get maximum money available in a very short time.

Next, as someone requested on GitHub, I added a feature to recover your account if you forgot your username or password. Link to it is available at the login page. You just enter your e-mail address and check whether you forgot your username or your password or both and an e-mail will be sent to you with your username or a link to reset your password.

There were also some other minor updates, like the player cards that pop-up when you hover over a player in the Leaderboard in Assaults, or my new animated avatar :P (BTW, I'm planning to add more avatars soon).

That's all of the new updates, I think. In the future I'm planning to add unlockables (there's already a page in the menu for them, though the page is empty for now) that can be unlocked by achieving stuff, like leveling up to a certain level or similar. There will definitely be more drug production Buildings (Ecstasy Lab is almost ready to go) that will unlock when you upgrade your Land to a certain level. But I don't know when all that will be coming out. I'm currently in between jobs, searching for a new one, so it's kind of chaotic right now, but I also have more spare time, so we'll see how it goes.

Alright, that's it for this update, hope y'all staying safe and well and see you next time.

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