Darknet update is here!

Darknet update is here (although couple hours earlier)! To test the new mechanic, all player money has been capped at $500.000 and drug inventories and building storages have been emptied.

The new darknet is made to feel more like the real darknet marketplaces and have vendors and offers that are global for all players in the same level category. This is done so higher level players wouldn't just buy out the entire order at once, leaving nothing for lower level players.

The categories are curently distributed every 10 levels and each category has at least 2 different vendors with each vendor having at least 2 active offers.

Drug prices and offers are updated every 5 hours and if an offer gets sold out, it gets replaced by a new one. So if a player wants to sell one particular drug, but the offer is not there, he can either wait 5 hours for the offers to update, or buy out another offers for a chance that it gets replaced by the offer he needs.

Building storage and collections

For those who haven't noticed (I forgot to make an announcement), buildings now have a storage and all resources the building produces are added to that storage. Production still happens every 5 hours, but collections are no longer automatic and have to be collected from the building's storage. If a building is at full capacity, it won't produce additional resources.

Save webapp shortcut to iPhone: tap and then Add to homescreen. (tap to close)